Civil Engineering International Undergraduate Program

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International S1 Program, Department of Civil Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Atma Jaya Yogyakarta University provides students with the education to attain high quality civil engineer graduates.

Civil engineers are needed in all aspects of our daily life. Civil engineers design, build and maintain the built environment in which we live. These include bridges, buildings, railways, highways, water supply, airport, and many other infrastructure facilities.  The involvement of civil engineers might be in the planning, designing and managing such projects.


Atma Jaya Yogyakarta University Campus is located in Jalan Babarsari, Yogyakarta. The location is very strategic and can be reached easily from any direction of the city. Yogyakarta is a traditional city with cultural diversity.  Many students come to Yogyakarta  for studying because the environment is good, friendly and suitable for students.


Department of Civil Engineering manages laboratories:

  • Structures and Material Laboratory
  • Soil Mechanics Laboratory
  • Hydraulics & Environmental Engineering Laboratory
  • Construction Management Laboratory
  • Surveying Laboratory
  • Transportation Laboratory
  • Computing Laboratory

The laboratories provide students to understand the subjects and to enhance the research. The laboratories also serve the community who needs assistance in their projects.

Areas of Specialization

1. Structural Engineering

in which we prepare students to achieve a broad knowledge in design and construction of high rise buildings and bridges; concrete and steel structures;  modern computing methods; protection of  structures against natural hazards such as earthquake and wind loading and new material development.

2. Construction Management

in which we prepare students to have the capability to manage small and large scale projects; planning modern and high technology projects which include skills in planning, cost and quality management; law and real estate, industrial management and people management as well as detailed knowledge of construction techniques

3. Transportation Engineering

in which we prepare students to achieve a broad knowledge in the transportation systems, urban/regional transportation analysis and planning methods; managements of infrastructure facilities and built environment; pavement design and construction including material development.

4. Water Resources Engineering

in which  we prepare students with a broad knowledge  in the multi-disciplinary issues in the planning, design, implementation, operation and maintenance of irrigation and drainage projects and land and water conservation systems; water supply and sanitation, harbor,  storm water, urban drainage; and behavior of rivers and coastal zones.

5. Geotechnical Engineering

in which we prepare students with a broad knowledge  in the behavior of soils as well as rocks,  foundation systems  for bridges and buildings, embankment, soil explorations and investigations, the application of geosynthetics for civil engineering and geoenvironmental applications, ground improvement, utilization of lightweight and waste materials, earth reinforcement and earth retaining structures.