J. Ade Prasetya

No Judul Penulis Dihasilkan/Dipublikasikan pada Tahun Penyajian/Publikasi
1 Performance of Ventilated Double Skin Fa├žade on High Rise Building in Hot Humid Climate J. Ade Prasetya S. The 12th International Conference On QiR (Quality in Research), ICSERA 2011 , July 2011 : 1602-1607 2011
2 CFD as Aiding Tool in Making Architectural Design Decision Case Study : Optimization of Airflow Pattern in University of Atmajaya’s Classroom by Manipulating Opening Position J. Ade Prasetya S. Proceedings The 2nd International Conference on Sustainable Technology Development, ICSTD, 2012 : M-83 – M-90 2012

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